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My is name James Zandecki and welcome to my site! I have been interested in photography since the late 80's. I dabbled in it here and there without any spectacular results but in the Fall of 2006 I decided to pursue my hobby more passionately and improve my skills. Starting with the internet, I found lots of tips and tricks and online classes that are very helpful. I created this website to share the information that I have found to be useful and to share my images. Please feel free to look around.



Now, I take my camera with me where ever I go and take pictures whenever I have a chance. I look at things differently now as I am walking and driving around. Also, things that I didn't find interesting before have taken on a new perspective. I am always looking for new subjects and if you think something might be interesting to take pictures of, please send me a note using my 'Contact' page and give me a brief description and location of the subject.

Some photographers specialize in certain areas of photography like Wildlife, Portraits, Abstract, Black and White, etc... At this point, I am interested in all of the areas. If you are a photographer and have any pointers or ideas that you feel would improve my shots, please use my 'Contact' page to send them to me. I also welcome comments from anyone about which areas (Landscape, Flowers, etc...) you feel my photographs shine and which areas they need improvement on. Criticism is very helpful.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope that you visit it regularly as I am always adding new images.

Take care,